Being a caregiver poses many challenges, it is not the challenges but being prepared and having a plan in place is the most important goal.

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This was first started to pass information –some Veteran, Military Retiree and Civilian, tips and things to think about as a caregiver. After my father contracted the West Nile Virus in October 2015 and in 2017, he became a double amputee.

The direction has changed a little. Hopefully, things that I’m going through will give you insight and a little direction on what you might be facing either now or in the future.

We Celebrate YOU the caregiver, the UNSUNG Hero!

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Fail to plan, plan to fail…

To have the ability to see ahead will serve you well.

It is now time to start talking with your love one and having a series of conversations about ‘What happens if…”


These are the views of Monique Whitney, please contact your healthcare team regarding medical advice and your appropriate professional team for all other matters of importance.

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