Posted on 14/06/2017

2nd Leg Amputation

Last night, a little after 6pm the docs came to my father’s room and gave us confirmation of what we were dreading. For the past several weeks, they tried to save my father’s feet. They tried leg stents, toe amputations, first it was the right leg amputation below the knee. Now we’re looking at the same thing for the left, amputation below the knee. 

It has been a long road since March of last year, when the docs came and wanted to do a by-pass surgery on my dad’s legs because of the wounds from the VA hospital when he first came down with the West Nile Virus. It was too soon then to do anything because my dad had just gotten out of rehab and a long hospital stay and he was too fragile to even consider having major surgery.

Then it came up again during the summer, Vascular/Podiatry team over at VA, first placed  leg stents, then scheduled him for by-pass surgery. They knew it was going to be a complicated surgery and it was no guarantee that it would work. But in the mean while, his heels improved after the stents were placed. So surgery was cancelled and we went on our merry way.

The by-pass surgery was to improve blood flow to the feet and help the wounds on his heel, heal.  Over the summer, we were very aggressive getting his heels to heal. By December, his right foot ulcer had closed and by March the left heel was almost closed. 

Yes, this is huge. I did wound care twice a day and now to look at a second amputation is really something to wrap our minds around. 

Growing up as my mom’s MS progressed we figured out ways to get her around. This is no different, we’ll just have to figure out how to get him around.