Posted on 28/11/2019

The Fight for the VA Rating

My father has been fighting with the VA for over twenty years.  He has had many health challenges.  He has gotten sickened and recovered but the one constance has been dealing with the VA.

.  Partial Colon Removal

.  Renal Failure

.  Diaylsis

.  Kidney Transplant thru Johns Hopkins Incompatible Kidney Transplant Program

.  Kidney Cancer

.  Prostate Cancer

.  Radiation for Prostate Cancer

.  West Nile Virus

.  Two Heart Attacks

.  Amputation of both legs below the knee

All of these have come and gone but fighting the VA.  He is still in line waiting for a rating that he deserves that will qualify him for services and resources that he needs.

It’s been over 21 years…We’re not giving up!