Posted on 01/08/2017

A Closed Mouth, Doesn’t Get Fed

When I first moved home and started to oversee my mom’s care in the nursing home, it was a huge learning curve try to figure out the moving parts.

It was easy and hard at the same time. When you have your regular staff and routine, things go well. But then you get to the off weekends, holidays and the beautiful weather; staffing can get short. 

Despite what happens on the nursing side, you must ensure that your love one is cared for and their needs are taking care of. Being an advocate for your love one is your Number #1 Job. In the hospital, nursing home, rehab, assisted living, etc., it doesn’t matter keep your eyes open. 

If you see something, Say something. If your gut feeling is something’s wrong. It probably is, by double checking and asking questions will reveal the full picture. 

Here are a few things to look out for: 

  • If your loved one needs assistance using the bathroom or has to be changed, make sure that the staff makes toileting a priority. No one wants to hold it for a long time or sit in a wet diaper.
  • If your love one has been in bed for a long time, make sure they are on a turning schedule. And inspect for yourself –or have a family member look for bedsores/ulcers. They can be very painful. 
  • Keep the lines of communication open with the staff. Appointments, doctors notes, visits recommendations, anything that will help everyone stay on the same page. 

This is a people business, we make mistakes. You just need to catch things before it gets too serious.