Posted on 11/09/2017

Bathroom is Still a Challenge

As we are looking to transition from rehab to home. We are almost in the same boat as last year. Using the bathroom is still a challenge.

If there is something he wants to do but unable at the time, my answer is not right now but you will in the future. Last year, my dad’s challenge was getting in and using the bathroom. We got bars installed, his wounds on the bottom of his feet were healing and he had built up enough strength to walk, so then he was able to use the bathroom. ┬áIt took a lot of time but he did.

Now, we are starting all over again. We are waiting for his legs to come and so he can start practicing. And eventually he will be able to use the bathroom in the bathroom and be able to take care of his needs while in there.

It is always a journey, we just have to exercise patience.