Posted on 21/10/2017

Can You Pick Me Up? Part II

It is not a sign of defeat if you have to call for reenforcements. With my mom, calling the fire department was our last option but it made things so much easier. The MS just made her body not respond to the direction she wanted to go. Being down on the floor, trying with all her might to get up but nothing is working and getting more and more frustrated. At this point, keep your love one safe and yourself, call for assistance.

If You See Something, Say Something…

After your love one is up, if you called 9-1-1 for Fire & EMS, the first responders will ask a number of questions just to make sure your love one is ok.  If you or your love one thinks that they may need to be checked out at Urgent Care or the Emergency Room as a precaution do so.  A fall on the hip or a bump on the head is advisable to head to the ER.  It’s the injuries that are unseen that can be the most damaging.

One quick note, you don’t always have to ride in the ambulance.  You and your love one can always decline the ambulance if it’s not an emergency.  In my experience, the first responders will assist your love one into the vehicle and someone can transport them that way.  This way is helpful especially if their medical team is across town, the ambulance has to go to the nearest open hospital ER.