Posted on 21/10/2017

Can You Pick Me Up? Part I

My back is not in the best shape.  In our younger days, my sister and I would try and pick mom up after she fell.  Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

Now fast forward to my dad now being a double amputee.  Yes, with the caregiver and myself or my sister, we can lift my father.

It maybe the easy way for him.  I don’t advise nor recommend it.

My mantra is, ‘Safety First’.

My suggestion is to explore all options and figure out what will work best for everyone involved.  Lifting is quick and easy but it is a tremendous strain on your back.

The good part of therapy is that his Doctor is showing my dad different ways to transfer and building up his upper body strength.  This helps so that you are not doing all the work, your love one can participate too.