Posted on 01/07/2017

Communication is #1

I cannot stress enough how much communication plays a part in everything, especially when taking care of your love one.

The evening when my father was released from the hospital and went to rehab, there was a little hiccup. There were a few things he needed before he left the hospital, that information was not relayed to me so it made for an interesting night –and early morning. 

The rehab wanted him to come with stuff he needed for taking care of his leg –4×4 gauze, Kerlix, etc. until they could order it. You must be at the facility before they can order supplies. And they wanted him to have taken his evening meds or bring them with him. 

The supplies weren’t a problem, we have extra at home. In the rush to get to rehab, I forgot them. I did not know about the medication.

He was transferred after 5pm, I waited until traffic should have slowed down…surprise, surprise; there was one accident and a disable car that slowed everything down. So I get home, pack his bag, he needed clothes for PT and a few extra things, then I got back. By this time the nurse is giving my father his evening meds. 

There’s no transplant medicine. 

Stop the presses! No transplant medicine? Are you sure?

It’s after 10pm. I just left home. I’ve got to go back home to get his medicine. I called Walter Reed to verify the dosage, then I got back in the car and went home and came back. So it was a night and a early morning of riding the Beltway. 

The next morning, I met everyone. The Director of Nursing after I explained what happened, called their pharmacy and had his medications delivered ‘STAT’. When I spoke with the Admissions Director that’s when my question was answered. She had asked to have the wound care and meds come with my father. 

Well, you live and learn. It was just a very long and busy day.