Posted on 31/07/2017


I am Daughter-In-Chief. Like Chief of Staff.

Talk to doctors and make sure everyone is reading from the same page.

Run a household –there’s a leak in the basement, the grass needs cutting, oops we ran out of toilet paper. No problem, it’s done.

What’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner?

Keep in contact with friends, family, church, former colleagues from both military and civilian service.

Clothing? Ever changing…

Don’t forget to pay the bills

Keep up with medication, health status and overall health and wellness

I am the driver

Sometimes I’m the ‘Good Guy’, others I am the ‘Bad Guy’

And other duties as requested…

For my mom, I would use the No Rinse Shampoo to wash, dry and braid her hair

I would also cut, clean, polish her nails

She didn’t wear everyday clothes but we would put those housecoats on her, we got her bold, bright colors to brighten her up.

For dad, before we had male caregivers, I figured out how to shave him and brought clippers to cut his hair. The caregivers do a better job but anything was better than him looking like a wolf man