Posted on 27/10/2019


Jessica emailed this information from has a plethora of free resources and information for those suffering from mesothelioma cancer and other asbestos diseases.  They cover topics such as: treatment options, financial assistance, and help for families of asbestos victims. The website is Health On the Net certified as a trustworthy source of medical information (see bottom right of our site for HONcode badge) and is periodically reviewed by medical professionals.

Their goal is to spread awareness and help as many people as possible that have been hurt by asbestos.  30% of all mesothelioma victims are Veterans, usually being exposed aboard asbestos laden Navy ships.

Mesothelioma & Veterans
Veterans make up roughly one third of mesothelioma patients. Learn about treatment options, research, reputable doctors, and how to find financial assistance.

Make sure you check out for more information.

Thanks Jessica!