Posted on 29/01/2019

From the Mailbag – Financial Resources & Discounts for Military Families

This email came in back in August.  I was not able to respond to it then but I did not forget.

The email came from Barbara (Mom) and Kayla (Daughter).  Kayla was able to use some of the resources about PTSD for her end of the year project on veteran mental health and general assistance programs.  She wanted to add one that she thought would be of help too:

Financial Resources and Discounts for Military Families – It has a lot of helpful information on health care resources, military spousal assistance programs, benefits for children, financial resources, veteran scholarship opportunities etc.

A BIG THANK YOU goes to Kayla and her Mom too for writing in!  I’m glad you were able to use some of the resources listed on this site for your project.

The Best of Luck to the Both of You!