Posted on 24/06/2017

Getting Blood Out of a Turnip

My father has been stuck and stuck and stuck. It was so bad that for the last few days he ran out of his room the nurses and doctors that were trying to get labs and a line started.

It is difficult to watch and even more difficult to look at the bruised arm. They only have one arm to use. His other one has the graft when he was on dialysis, so they can’t use the other arm.

The plan was to take him to the OR to place the lines. The docs wanted to try to get a line started before they went in. They were not successful, they had to wait until he was in the OR to get the line started.

I was glad to finally get over this surgery hump so my father can get to rehab and home. 

On the flip side, set backs like moving the surgery from Tuesday to Friday and not being able to find a good vein were hiccups that were needed to have a smooth surgery.  Remember my ‘thunderstorm theory’. Have things go wrong before the actual ‘performance time’ and not during the performance.