Posted on 28/01/2018

Happy New Year & ER

January 1st 2018, the morning was nice, quiet and normal but by the afternoon things change.

We had to call 9-1-1 after my dad was semi-responsive. Almost like he was last year in the hospital. Then they called it ‘Hospital Delirium’. This has never happened at home so it was unusual.

We tried to make it to Walter Reed – Bethesda, we wanted the DC Fire & EMS to check him out and assist us in getting him in the van since he wasn’t responsive. But once DC Fire & EMS show and took his blood pressure, they advised it wouldn’t be safe for us to transport him ourselves, he needed to go to the nearest hospital by ambulance. His blood pressure was sky high. So we asked them if they could make it to the Washington DC VA Medical Center.

VA was open and would accept him.

And off we went.