Posted on 25/06/2017

Hold God’s Hand

My father has a lifetime of life’s experiences –taking care of a wife with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), raising two girls, working both in the civilian world as a government employee and in the military world as a Army Reservist. 

He’s been many things to different people, worn too many hats to count –either sitting on committees, leading or organizing something, just keeping busy. I remember during one Christmas holiday years and years ago, he got a bad cold. I mentioned to him, the fact that he had sat down during the holiday and did nothing, sickness was able to settle in and do damage. He was always busy and didn’t really get sick. The stress of caregiving did not help either. 

I don’t know what he’s going through but I keep reminding him to keep Holding God’s Hand.

Sometimes you have to give a visual and knowing that at times you might be physically alone but never by yourself gives comfort. 

Through these rough days, we have been Holding God’s Hand to get us over this interesting life challenge that we have been facing.