Posted on 21/01/2018

Holidays are Over…Birthday Time!

It has taken me a minute to get back into the groove of things. During that time the Holidays came & went. The Holidays are not exactly my favorite time of year but they are over.

Now it’s time to get into Birthday mode — my sister is first January, next up is me February and my dad is in March. My late mom was born in September. She was not a Winter baby like the rest of us –lol.

Now that the holidays are over, you’ve cleaned up and put away the decorations and new stuff, this is a great time to start preparing for tax season.

While you are at it, where’s that list of questions you forgot to ask your love one over the holidays? Birthdays, Anniversaries, Reunions, Vacations, busy stuff and life gets in the way of focusing on important details like Final Planning, Estate Planning and knowing what your love ones wishes are.

This is a New Year and things are changing very quickly. How about you make time to strategize and come up with a plan to complete your love ones final planning? We aren’t getting any younger, there is no time like the present to get things started.

If things are already in place, Congratulations! Make sure you schedule a yearly or bi-yearly review of things just to check in and make sure nothing has changed.

Remember Birthday’s are coming up! What a Great Gift to have the ‘Plans’ or at least the framework to the plans started.

Let’s get moving…