Posted on 28/07/2017

I Can’t Hear You, Speak Up

‘What did he say!’

Remember this line from the commercial where the man and woman were at the movies and the lights were coming on as the movie ended. Unfortunately, the man did not hear the last part of the movie. He felt left out and frustrated at not being able to hear. 

Well for the past few weeks, my father has been complaining about his hearing in both ears. Since he was in the hospital for so long, I kept the hearing aid at home. Now that he’s in rehab, he has started using the hear aid again. Even with the hearing aid, hearing is still a challenge.

Since we were good going to see his primary care doctor at VA, I made an appointment with Audiology. They would not give him an appointment to have another hearing evaluation since he just had one recently. So they said he could come in get his ears cleaned and hearing aid checked. 

The audiologist tech cleaned his ears and checked his hearing aid. His hearing aid is fine. He had some wax build up in both ears. He says he can now hear a little bit better. We’ll see what happens. The tech did give us the green light to get his hearing rechecked. She agreed with me that with my father’s recent health challenges that his hearing may have changed and it would be a good idea to get it reevaluated. 

The tech said these might be factors for changes in hearing as well: 

  • Certain Medications
  • Medication Interactions 
  • Changes in Health
  • Allergies
  • Surgery
  • Being Ill

And lastly she mentioned that certain medications will sometimes affect your ability to comprehend. 

Overall it was a great appointment, learned a lot from both appointments at the VA today.