Posted on 21/06/2019

‘I Want to Go Home’

Your love one is ‘medically ready for release’

But the question is, ‘Are they really ready to come home?’

Yes, there’s no place like home but after being in the hospital. The body may not function like it did before going in.

Any surgery or an emergency, the body goes inactive for a period of time. It takes time and effort to bounce back.

Few questions to ask:

. When your love one gets home, will they be able to SAFELY navigate their home

. Can they perform daily tasks: going to the bathroom or bedside commode, getting ready in the morning, go up and down stairs (if there are stairs in the home), have good or ok balance and be able to walk around by themselves

We all want our love ones to come home.

But Safety First!

Whatever is decided, make sure you’re going to be ok and not overwhelmed. Ask friends and family to pitch in and help. And make sure you’re taking breaks. Both of you can’t be down at the same time.

Good Luck!