Posted on 27/07/2017

‘I’m Different’

My father was talking to a couple of his nurses today and he told them, ‘I’m different’.

He has come along way since the first amputation when he didn’t even want to look down. He still covers his legs when he leaves the room or go out, he says it bothers him. 

Even though he took care of his wife who had MS–Multiple Sclerosis and had to be placed in a nursing home when the disease really deteriorated her body. That was him supporting her, he was the provider, the doer, the shoulder to lean on. Now it’s him and it’s a lot to process.

Experiencing the West Nile Virus in October 2015 and spent all of last year literally getting back on his feet. Now with two heart attacks and both legs amputated behind him, things are different and will be different. Just like last year when he left rehab at MedStar NRH, we’ll figure it out and take it step by step.