Posted on 25/04/2017


This post is just a little rant or a blue funk I get in every now and then…I am TIRED of fighting VA.  It’s almost like begging for something that is owed to you but you have to do a little song, dance and a full show before even being considered –in my opinion.

My father has been fighting for the VA benefits since the late 90’s and still waiting for his 100%.  I think this is the real reason why my father application for the van grant has not gone through yet because he’s not 100%.

Yes, I’m TIRED!  At times it’s too much and can be very overwhelming so I just take a pause, get mad, angry, upset –then I take a deep breath and wait a few days before trying to figure this out.  It seems like this is on purpose, you see the stories on the news and when you go to the PX or the commissary VA benefits are a HOT Topic!

So we will continue to file, appeal and wait…and see what happens!

Good Luck to You!