Posted on 23/06/2017

Is God Still There?

I have seen my share of difficult times. My senior year of college and my first semester in grad school were a bit of a challenge. Living away from my family and my mom going through the changes she was going through added another level of stress. 

Was God still there? Was God even listening to me? Why could I not have a ‘normal’ family?

Well I can tell you God has been listening and keeps on listening but the question is, ‘Did I hear what God said’. God speaks but we have to listen and listen closely. It’s not always the answer we are looking for that’s why it’s important to lean on divine order. 

What happens if you lose faith? Tomorrow is a new day, you bring the sunshine with you. Faith is belief put into action, you just have to remember. This is just a test, another obstacle to add to your list of life experiences.

Remember, You’ve Got To Bring Your Own Sunshine.