Posted on 29/07/2017

It’s Been One Month

My father has been out of Walter Reed – Bethesda for one month. He was released on Wednesday, June 29th to rehab. 

It had been a busy month and he has really bounced back. Despite all what he has gone through, he surprises everyone that comes to see him, how well he is getting along. 

My mom was like that, she continued to fight until the end. There were a few times when we thought, this is it but then she turned a corner and bounced right back. Her will to live was very powerful. She was so inspiring, just to see what obstacles she overcame. She fought to the end and she never gave up. My mom was very laid back, she had a very positive attitude. She saw the best in everyone. Some of her charm has rubbed off on my dad. 

So as we continue to figure out a plan to how he’s going to move around the house once he gets home. He continues to excel in therapy, we’ll see what the next month will bring. 

I’m guesstimating that he should be ready to start working with a prosthetic leg around September. 

We’ll see…