Posted on 05/06/2017

It’s Tough

Today is one of those days where, it’s just a tough day. You are moving through it but things are really giving you a run for the money.

  • Not only are you trying to figure out what’s going on
  • You are trying to keep your love one calm and stable 
  • The slow moving gravy train of doctors and nurses are coming in and you are really trying to process the information and figure out what they are/are not saying 

Then you have a moment that you feel like someone just pulled the rug from under you and you feel like things are out of control. 

Take a brake, get up and walk the hallways for a bit, go to your car and come back, run to the cafeteria/gift shop and grab a snack. It becomes very overwhelming and you need make sure you keep your own mental health in check. Yes, you want to be there for your love one but first make sure you are in tact and ready to handle anything.