Posted on 13/06/2017

‘Judgment Call’

So this past Saturday, my dad had a medical emergency. Yes, he’s still in the hospital. 

The nurse assigned to him was unfamiliar with my father. So to make a long story short. My aunt was visiting my father when she and our day caregiver noticed that something was going on with my father. 

They alerted the staff and the Rapid Response Team came and it was discovered that my father had low blood sugar. 

Just before lunch my father’s blood sugar was already low and the nurse thought that my father was going to eat a full lunch, followed the orders and gave my father a dose of insulin. Well, my father changed his mind and did not eat. And he came crashing down.

It took several hours for him to get back to normal and back to feeling like himself. 

My aunt was very upset that the nursing staff took their time to respond to an emergency. I was not here when it happened so I had to work backwards to figure out what happened. 

I started with speaking with the doctors’ and nurses but didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere. Then finally, I reached one of my father’s doctors, he explained that everything happened was right –the dose of insulin being given BUT the nurses ‘judgement call’ was in question. 

When something happens make sure that you: 

  • Address what happened
  • There’s a plan in place going forward
  • Make sure information is being passed from shift to shift so everyone is on the same page

Things happen, mistakes occur, what happens now, going forward is what matters the most.