Posted on 12/08/2017

Just a Little Hump

For the past few days, dad’s night caregiver informed me that he wasn’t sleeping during the night. 

Then the OT and PT staff at rehab noticed change in my father’s behavior. They said since they work with the person and observe the total body, they can usually detect when something is going on before the nursing staff sees anything.

Plus you could just look at my father’s eyes and tell, something was cooking. 

Things were going ok yesterday, not the best not the worst. But he was a more tired than usual. And his muscle strength was not there either. He struggled in OT session and was glad when no one came for him for the PT session last night. 

No quite sure what happened but after 7pm, things took a turn.

Our day caregiver noticed my father was warm, my father had a slight temperature during rounds, so the nurse took his temperature again. And it was 100.8.

As a caregiver, you know that sometimes things don’t always happen Monday – Friday. Sometimes they happen on a weekend like a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night.

So you do what you have to do and you don’t wait, you get going. Even in the rain…

The rehab called 9-1-1 and away he went to Walter Reed – Bethesda.

In the ER, he was finally able to go to sleep. 

There was only one problem: He was in the ER and everyone wants to talk to you. Oh well, nothing’s perfect. 

Hopefully, this is a small bump in the road and he’ll be back to rehab in no time. 

He really likes the place, he’s so worried about losing his room there. 

Update:  The Admission Director just called and said he’s ok. He will be able to return once he’s released.