Posted on 25/10/2017

The KISS Principle

You know that the main reason for this blog and also the YouTube channel is to have you get your love ones affairs in order.

Let’s take a step back.

We are going to try the KISS principle.  Concentrate on you first.  By gathering all your documents and getting your affairs and estate in order first.  This should help you assist your love one better (I hope). Using theirs and yours, you can check and balance because they may have this, you may have that, you forgot to look for this and any surprises you might discover.

So you already have everything in order?

Have you talked to anyone?  Do you have anything written down?

After things are in order, think about who you want to handle things.  It could be one person, small group of relatives or your closest friends.  You could also work with your professional team –lawyer, accountant, financial advisor, etc. not everyone has family who wants to listen or talk about death and handling affairs after your passing.

Every now and then, review your wishes and planning.

Make sure that the people you have down are still alive.  I’m not being funny.  You might leave something to your niece but then you realize she passed in a car accident.  Or your daughter and son are now married with kids and you now want to take care of the grandchildren’s education.

Remember, until you pass or you are unable to make decisions for yourself, this is a living document that can be subject to change.

This is an ongoing project, take your time and don’t beat yourself up if you missed your deadline when you wanted to have it completed.

The first step is to get started.