Posted on 03/11/2017

New Feet

The good thing about having the Prosthetic Department not too far away is that the prosthetist can pop over and see how you’re doing. Any questions or changes that need to be made they have the first hand info and not just reading someone’s notes.

The prosthetist noticed when she watched my dad during therapy, that he need a little but more stability when he walks. She recommended he go to Amputee Clinic so the doctor could evaluate and prescribe new stable feet for him.

They took about a week to come in. He got them on Friday.

She put footie socks on and gave him new sleeves – – they’re black this time.


My dad has gotten used to his legs. He wears his legs all the time now. Plus we gave back the amputee pads for the wheelchair so he has to keep the legs on to support himself in the wheelchair.