Posted on 25/08/2017

New Mobility Magazine

Came across the New Mobility Magazine while waiting for the van last year. I glanced through it, thought it had a lot of great information, made note to look at later, put the magazine down, got into the van and went home. And that was that…

Now a year later, getting the van serviced, I see the August edition of the New Mobility Magazine and since my father’s needs have changed, so are the things he needs. 

I’m just posting some of the ads that are in there. 

You may not need any of this but like I said, last year my father was in a different place –he still had legs and was getting back to walking and using his legs.

Now, it’s a different story, life as a double amputee.

Looking through the magazine, things have sure changed since my mom was sick. 

There are wheelchairs for those who are active in sports and the great outdoors. 

Can’t forget about the kids…

I thought this was cool…

I saw this commercial too late last year to attend the Abilities Expo. For the DMV area, it’s going to be at the Dulles Expo Center – December 1-3, 2017. 

And here’s my favorite subject: Service Dogs.

I think we’ll start a subscription