Posted on 23/06/2017

Numb? Can’t Pray or Meditate

To me it’s not a matter of being in a certain sitting position or state of mind. When you think things are falling apart, this is the time you must hold on. 

Things can and will fall apart but you don’t have to collapse with them –even when it feels like you will. You might have been taught or told you must pray/mediate but sometimes it doesn’t come easy if it comes at all. 

What I do is explore in my mind. I sit and realize how small I am in compared to the vast universe. I start to see my small problem on a different scale. Then I concentrate on being ‘Thankful and Greatful’ for the problems that I do have.

Trouble don’t last always and reminding myself of the goodness of life helps me refocus and get back to prayer and mediation.