Posted on 10/08/2017

Oh No! Keys Fell Down the Elevator Shaft…

Yes, it’s been a week with us and the elevators. 

Monday, night I was walking onto the elevator. I reached out and my car keys fell out of my hand. 

And of course they fell through the crack and on down the elevator shaft.

Thank goodness my sister and I were leaving at the same time. So I had to leave my car and ride home with sis.

Before I even started driving, a fellow church member told me this nightmare story about her keys. I can’t remember if she locked the keys in her car and couldn’t get back in the house or if she lost her keys and couldn’t get in the house. Bottom line, something happened to her keys and she couldn’t get into the house so from that time on she separated her keys. And when I started driving, I did the same. I got everyone else — my dad and sis separating their keys too (Mom didn’t drive, she never had a desire to drive either). 

So yesterday when the elevator company came, someone was able to retrieved the keys. When I got home Monday night, I could put my hands on the spare key. When I took my time yesterday looking around, I found the spare keys.