Posted on 29/10/2017

Ready to Retire?

As your reading through my blog, I know your like, “Monique, you make me think a lot, my head hurts.”

The good thing about this blog, is that you can bookmark the website and can come back again and again.  My goal is to have you get prepared, get started and get going.

Time is of the essence.

Now let’s talk about retirement.  What do I know about retirement?

I know that just because you have either the age or years –or both, you may not be ready to retire.  Or maybe you are ready to retire.

Whatever your situation maybe, I would ask that you put some thought into what your retirement life will look like.  The last thing you want to have happen:

  • You retire
  • You go home
  • You do nothing, you sit in front of the TV
  • You get sick
  • You get really sick

A body at rest stays at rest, a body in motion stays in motion.

This is a great time to discover your passion if you haven’t already done so.  I believe we get several gifts, it’s up to us to discover what they are and figure out a way to best use them.

Yes, even in your later years.  You’ve got the wisdom, now put your gifts to good use and you’ve got a powerful team.

Go Get’em!