Posted on 30/08/2017

Rehab or No Rehab?

Remember back in 2015 after my father had the second Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP) and I suggested he spend a little time in rehab before coming home but he refused?

He did not go back in early 2015. But after his long hospital stay after having the West Nile Virus 

And this year, he went to rehab after both leg amputations.

Does your love one need rehab? 

Check with the doctor and see how they are moving around BEFORE leaving the hospital. 

  • You want to make sure they can move around safely in their home
  • Rehab is not just physical therapy, there is occupational and speech therapy as well
  • They also work on cognitive skills as well

Any unreadiness? Get a list and go visit to get an idea of the services offered and the facilities available. Several days or a week or two might make a difference in your love ones strength and  ability to move around.

When my dad was in the hospital, someone had mentioned that the Social Worker was looking for a rehab place for my dad. I had to let them know that I needed to do a site visit before my father was moved anywhere. I gave the Social Worker the neighborhood where we wanted to go and she gave me a list of places within a certain radius to go see.

We liked the Rehab/Nursing Home where he was the first time he was released but when was close to the time to be released again. My dad’s needs had changed. He had a wound vac. The rehab/nursing center did not take patients with wound vacs. So we had to find another facility that accepted wound vacs. 

Once I got the list, first I had to call and make sure they accepted wound vacs. Then I could visit go for a visit. No need in wasting time looking at the wrong facility. So I found one a little further away but felt very comfortable. This is was a Rehab/Assisted Living facility. 

My father ended up having the second amputation before he was released from the hospital, so it didn’t matter if he had a wound vac. I was so comfortable with the second facility that when he was ready to be released from the hospital, we just followed up with the Rehab/Assisted Living facility and sent him there for rehab.

Options are good, it’s when you’re options are limited that you really are choose which one you feel comfortable and will accept your love one.