Posted on 11/09/2017

Relationship Changes

As the seasons change and time passes, so does your relationship change with your love one.

I call it a dance, you have to be the guiding hand. You are overseeing everything, trying to keep them as independent as possible –the challenge is not to treat them like a child or they start treating you like a child.

I try to keep my dad abreast of things going on and encourage his input. 

  • Sometimes the answer is, ‘Not right now’ – they need to get stronger to do the things they used to do.
  • Or let’s talk about this to see if it’s realistic or not – this is when you are dealing with your love one and their mind starts to wane.

This is not the easiest situation to transition into but I keep laughter in my pocket. 

Growing up, I thought I was so ‘right’ and wanted to get my way. And my mom would just start laughing. I’m like no this is serious. And she would laugh to lighten the mood. 

I find myself doing the same thing with my dad. When he gets in his ways and Mr. Grumpy pays us a visit. I just start laughing. 

It really lightens the mood.