Posted on 30/10/2017

Review: The Comfort Company – Swing-Away Amp

My father received the Swing Away-amp (leg rest) on July 21st. The truck literally pulled up to Spectrum Medical a few minutes before they closed. The leg rest were fine but my dad had a problem with the functionality. The leg rest work on a swivel bracket. My dad is active –getting in and out of the wheelchair for PT and other activities, the swivel bracket just did not supported his active lifestyle. The leg rest would not lock in place and ended up moving all around. Plus, we kept going back to Spectrum to get the leg rest fixed.

This really frustrated my dad so last Friday, we went back to Spectrum and left the Swing-Away Amp. It was going to be too complicated to have both the Swing-Away Amp and the foot rest, that why we ended up leaving the Swing-Away Amp. Well, now that my dad has his prosthetic legs and he’s wearing them all the time now, having the foot rest on makes sense.

This maybe a great product for someone. It did serve it’s purpose but it was just annoying. So we gave up.

July 21st


July 25th


August 8th

August 22nd


October 27th

We gave up, left the leg rest at Spectrum Medical