Posted on 09/08/2017

Stuck in the Elevator 

Sunday, just after dinner, the power went out at the rehab.

The first thing I said was, I hope no one was in the elevator. 

Then I sent my sister a text to let her about the power and how to get up stairs.

It took a minute but she text me back and said no one could hear her –screaming and banging, she was stuck in the elevator. 

The Emergency Button was not working and she needed help getting out.

So I called 9-1-1. And the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue showed up. 

They were able to get her out of the elevator very quickly.  

The power was restored just before 10pm. Just happy that the temps on Sunday were comfortable.

A Big Thanks goes out to Truck #726 of the MCFR! They made an uncomfortable situation bearable. 

What a Relief!