Posted on 29/10/2017

Summons for Jury Duty – Your Love One

The last time my dad was summons for jury duty, he was on dialysis.  We contacted the court to let them know his medical condition and he hasn’t been contacted since.

If your love one has been summons to jury duty, make sure you contact the court as soon as you can if they are unable to serve.  Have a conversation with the office to see what they need to remove your love one off the jurors’ list.  Age might be a factor, health and mental status.  See what documentation they need to remove your love off the list.  They may ask for a letter from their primary care team or something else for verification.

After submitting the information to the court, if you have not received a letter acknowledging the removal of your love one’s name off the list, follow up with the office to make sure they received the information.  Things get busy but you want to make sure your their name has been removed from the list.