Posted on 21/06/2017

Surgery is Back On!

You know, everything happens for a reason. Not sure why yesterday wasn’t a good day for surgery, it doesn’t matter now. They rescheduled for Friday. 

Hopefully, after surgery he will be finally ready to go to rehab. I never thought back in March that my father would be back and forth to the hospital so much AND lose both legs.

The good thing is that since he’s at a military hospital, we don’t have to count hospital days. 

I’m not sure what other families do when their love one is back and forth to the hospital and they haven’t stayed out long enough to reset the clock on the number of days in the hospital. It is a challenge. 

I would recommend a Medicare Leave Bank, just like the federal government has a leave bank where you can donate your unused leave to your co-worker or someone you know when they have run out of leave.

Well, just an idea not sure how it would work out though. 

Anyway, Friday is right around the corner.