Posted on 25/06/2018

Thank You So Much!

My father went back to the gym at Walter Reed – Bethesda about mid-October 2017. After he was released from Sunrise Nursing & Rehabilitation.

This time in the gym, he was on the other side of the glass where the amputees rehab. He had an all new rehab team headed by a doctor –a Retired Lieutenant Colonel.

Walter Reed – Bethesda has a program with a local school in Montgomery County, Maryland where if a student is interested in pursuing a career in Physical Therapy they have one slot to come and see hands on what it all involves.

I think it’s a great program to put those interested on the right path. The exposure alone in my opinion, puts the student way ahead.

Since my dad was in and out of the hospital, we didn’t get to say Congratulations & Good Luck to our student. We would like to Thank him for his dedication, professionalism and great work ethic. We know where ever he lands he’s had a year to build a strong foundation and we know he will be successful in the future.

Plus he left us a Thank You Note…

Congratulations on Graduation!

Good Luck this Fall in College!

~ We know you will do well ~