Posted on 05/09/2017

The ‘Accidental’ Meeting

The Social Worker here at the rehab automatically scheduled a Care Plan Meeting after my father returned from the hospital. 

Sometimes mistakes happen on purpose and it was meant to be. 

So the Social Worker came to me this morning and explained her mistake. She said the we could still meet with the Therapy Department just not the full team. My father isn’t too keen on changes at the last minute. Plus, it would be good to reinforce goals, state progress and future challenges.

During the meeting, his discharge date came up. Therapy was looking at next week, I stretched it to the week after.

I was thinking about this the other day –about his transition home. We’ll have to move some things around and it will be quite an adjustment. But it would be good to have him home.

The only downside is the furniture and steps. Here everything is on one floor, you take the elevator down, the front of the building has a big ramp and he rolls up into the van. At home there is more of a challenge. 

This is going to be interesting…