Posted on 02/09/2017

The First to Go

The ‘sickest’ person is not always the first one to go.

You might look at your family now and just a little while ago, Grandpa gave everyone a scare. The doctors said call everyone in, say your last goodbyes. You scramble to make preparations and accommodations for everyone. And then some happens. Things start changing, little by little, then there was a big improvement. Before you know it, Grandpa is back on his feet, back to his regular routine. 

But then Grandma goes in the hospital for something minor and things happen so quickly.  And at a blink of an eye, you get a phone call saying she passed away.


So now you have to shifted gears, what happens to Grandpa? 

Everyone thought Grandma would still be around and they were making plans for her after Grandpa passed away. 

It’s time for a new game plan…