Posted on 28/01/2018

The First Week Was Cold, the VA was Colder

This was the first week of 2018, the temps were cold, my dad was sick and the inpatient stay at the Washington DC VA Medical Center was not pleasant.

You hear the numerous reports from NBC 4, FOX 5 DC and the other news outlet and you wonder.

Could that really be true?

If you have read through this blog, you know that I have been team VA. They came through tremendously after my dad came home post-West Nile Virus but now I see the difference. That’s the outpatient side, inpatient was a whole new ballgame.

My dad filed a complaint with the Patient Experience and Advocacy Office.

Our concerns were:

  • Cold Water in patient room (automatic faucet)
  • Nurses running around and not completing patient care, they were chasing ‘x’ –whatever ‘x’ was at the time
  • Communication between doctors and nurses
  • Low and no supplies
  • My father being kicked out of the nutrition system resulting in a no tray situation
  • Wrong diet, foods contributing to high blood pressure
  • They didn’t listen

I tried to wait until Monday, January 8, 2018 for things to turn around but Saturday after we waited all day for him to go to MRI. We were told at the end of the day he was on schedule for Monday. I was done and fed up. My dad had to be moved and Sunday morning we were leaving the Washington DC Medical Center.