Posted on 27/07/2017

The VA Benefit/Rating Situation

My father is a Veteran of the US Army Reserves. His time including his Active Duty time, stretch over 28 years combined. 

But just like many Vets out there, my father is still standing in line waiting for the benefits that he so much deserves.

The road to getting a 100% rating and benefits has been a difficult road for my father. It’s one of the reasons why he’s still living. As soon as he was able to clear the fog after the West Nile Virus, he got started back on his Appeal. While he has been in and out of Walter Reed – Bethesda these past several months, he has still been working on his claim. A few days after his birthday, he had a hearing with the Board of Appeals, the BOA. We are still waiting for the judges decision and sending more paperwork and authorization for release of information from the VA Hospital. 

Yes, my father started this process back in November 1998 and he still standing in line years later. Next year, he’ll hit the 20 year mark for when this first process begin. He hopes that it won’t take another 20 years to get him to 100% rating and benefits.