Posted on 28/01/2018

The VA Didn’t Listen

The last straw for me was the doctors at the Washington DC VA Medical Center didn’t listen to me or my dad.

So Sunday morning came, I called my dad and told him he was leaving the hospital. I asked him to tell the docs when they rounded they he was leaving so they would have the paperwork ready when I got there.

Well, I was getting up and ready. Then my sister came let me know the freezer died overnight. We cleaned up and had to throw most of the food out, we could not do anything because dad had to be tended to.

When I got to the hospital and I started packing. I told the nurse to page the doctor because my dad was leaving and we needed the form to sign that we were leaving against ‘Medical Advice’.

The charge nurse came in and the doctor came by. I told them I could not being to explain our week, ‘We had worn out our Welcome’ and it was time to go. I’m saying all of this as I’m moving back and forth packing the van so they knew it was no changing our minds or determination to leave.

My dad ate lunch, signed the paperwork and we left out of the Washington DC VA Medical Center.

I am not a nurse or doctor but I have been a caregiver all my life. The last years of my mom’s life she was critical, non-verbal and on life support. I know sickness and my hunches are usually right. I could not in my right mind leave my dad at the VA. We had to move, immediately, his health and his kidney was at stake.

I gave the doctors on the team at VA everything I knew, previous situations, play by play at night during the day, reports from my caregivers. Everything they needed to put together a good plan and they fell down.

It took me a few days to articulate what exactly was happening to my dad but once I got it. I was able to relay to the team of what was happening as it happened in real time.

We left the Washington DC VA Medical Center and went straight to Walter Reed – Bethesda.