Posted on 22/07/2017

‘They Are Waiting For You to DIE’

J.D. Power and Associates has been hired by the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

They called this afternoon asking questions about my father’s encounter with the Board of Appeals (BOA).  Questions regarding the veterans experience with the BOA like:

  • If my father understood the process Appeals process
  • Did he feel comfortable with the Judge
  • Did he feel the Judge understood his case
  • The length of time that it takes to get to BOA 

It was a five minute survey and they are going to send a follow up more in depth questionnaire later in a few days. 

I’m glad the last part was open for comments and I addressed the fact of what I have always suspected: 

‘They are waiting for you to die’

The young lady said that is the the number one answer from everyone.

I also address the frustration with the whole process that there doesn’t seem to be enough veterans who work the claims or someone who has empathy for the veteran who is filing the claim. You hear rumors and stories but no clear path. 

Not sure what happens with these surveys but maybe one day someone will actually do something for the vet and everyone involved to have a better experience.