Posted on 28/01/2018

Update – VA Complaint

We filed the complaint on January 16, 2018 with the Patient Experience and Advocacy Office and the Nurse Manager for the Ward called us on the following Monday, January 22nd.

She listened to us and heard our version of what happened. She was very apologetic and sorry it happened to my dad.

My recommendation: for team work as a team. Admin staff, nurses and assistants work together. From my view a lot of pressure was put on the nurses. Their chain was being pulled for them to go find and take care of ‘x’. Whatever ‘x’ was at the time: admission, waiting for a call, doctors orders, etc.

There needs to be a system in place for ‘All Hands on Deck’ so patient care won’t suffer for things that happen that are non-emergency.

Just my opinion looking from the outside.

Glad she called, hopefully something can be put into place to help whatever system they have in place. It doesn’t haven’t be my suggestion but something to make sure vets are 1#.