Posted on 02/07/2019

We Fall Down

Several years ago Donnie McClurkin had a song called ‘We Fall Down’.

With my mom and now with my dad.  My sister and I are dealing with falling down or legs giving out.

Last week, my dad was coming out of the bathroom that he does normally use because it’s so small.  He almost made it out but he legs got tired and he slid to the ground.

This time, it really scared him because with the area so small, he couldn’t get up.  My sister and I couldn’t pick him up because of the angle, so we needed extra help.  The firefighters came and picked my dad up and put him in the chair.  But he dwelled on being on the fall all night long.  The next day he got his leg aligned back and spoke with his therapist in the gym.

Over the weekend, this time my dad fell.  He was impatient and could not wait for my sister or I to finished getting dressed so he tried to use a computer chair with wheels to guide him (the walker was out of reach).  I heard a noise and then he started hollering that he had fallen.  Both him and the chair on top of him were on the floor.

This time, we had lots of space so my sister and I were able to get him up.

With both of these falls, it has exposed my dads weak spot –strength in his arms.  He should be able to lift his own body weight.  A few years ago, someone told my dad he needs to do wheelchair pushups.  We’ll see what the therapist can design to assist my dad to get the upper body stronger and tips on how to get up after falling.

And to remind him to be safe first…

Falling Down is one thing

How to Get Back Up is a Journey