Posted on 26/06/2017

We Picked Hawaii!

My dad’s youngest brother and his wife having been going to Hawaii for vacation for years. He’s been trying to talk my dad into taking a trip for just as long. 

Last week, my dad asked my sister’s and I to pick 10 places to choose from to go on vacation. Then two days later he said he wanted to go to an island for vacation. I said that narrows it down to one, Hawaii. 

He’s using this trip as something to look forward to, a little motivation. I let him know that he will have to work hard at rehab so he can come home and then the trip. 

I’ll take one step at a time. My sister and I are mentioning leg prosthetics so he will be on board when the time comes to give outfitted for one. Plus this will help on the trip and day to day activities to help move him around.

He’s been talking about going on vacation since last year. He just didn’t have the place picked out. So now we have a place, we’ll just figure everything else out when the time comes.