Posted on 27/10/2019

We Remember – Terry

Last Sunday, we lost one of our team members.

We send condolences out to Terry’s wife, friends, family and those who knew him.

In the gym, there were two others –my dad’s gym partners, I call them.  The three of them all different and in different stages of recovery but all moving step by step to get to their ‘New Normal’.

Terry was one of those partners.

This last year has been Hell for Terry and his wife.  He had been very sick.  A few months ago, he made it back to the gym.

He was still fighting.

He never gave up.

I first ran into Terry several years ago, when my father had appointments at one of the clinics. Back then I didn’t know his name but he looked like the actor Steve Johnson from Days of Our Lives.  I would see him in passing every now and then.  Then I didn’t see him again until my dad started Phycisal Therapy on the amputee side.  Just like my dad, he had his share of challenges and was on the road to recovery…

Caregiving is tough. We love our love ones, we all hope for them to get back to themselves.  Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t.  We just have to adjust to the ‘New Normal’ and make sure their quality of life is comfortable for them.

The time remaining is all we have, please make the best of it.