Posted on 13/06/2017

We Want You: Male Caregivers

Where Are the Male Caregivers? 

This message is for Men.

You are needed now. You will be needed even more in the future. 

Yes, you see men as doctors but as you start nativagating the healthcare field, your numbers are more in some jobs than others. 

Over the past few years, have seen a lot more male nurses than I have in the past. It makes a difference when the patient is male and the nurse/CNA/MA is male. They’re able to talk/negotiate better –man to man. 

While my father was recovery from the West Nile Virus, I saw first hand the interaction with the male staff that made a difference in how my dad responded. Even now having male caregivers work with him, makes a huge difference –in his confidence, response and motivation.

So if you are thinking about a second career or trying to figure out what to do. Take a look at the healthcare field: 

  • Nurse – RN/LPN
  • Caregiver/Companion/Sitter

There are many other jobs in the healthcare field, do your research. You never know, you might find your calling.