Posted on 31/05/2017

Week 11 – March 2017

Now this part of the year gets interesting. Sometimes I want to skip and fast forward the difficult times/situations, this is next couple of months, I would rather fly through.

Well the week started off with dad not feeling well. We had the deacons from his church to come pray and give him communion. He felt so bad, he got in the hospital bed downstairs. He didn’t even get up when they stopped by, so he must have been feeling really bad.

After a rough night, we ended up in the emergency room. 


So he ended up on the Cardiac Ward. He was having trouble breathing. We thought it was pneumonia and maybe his asthma. In the ER, they told us that he had a small heart attack. 

Was sent to the Heart Cath Lab


PT and OT found me and put me back to work. 

And just like that, the blossoms starting blooming and it was time to go home. The docs decided to treat my dad with medication and to wait and see what would happen.