Posted on 31/05/2017

Week 12 – March/April 2017

My father started the week off, trying to make up from lost time. He’s trying to find more paperwork to submit to the VA Board of Appeals judge. The judge gave him 60 days to submit additional paperwork. Then the judge will take 60 days to render his decision. 

Well, time to get re-evaluated for PT again.

And time to check in with the wound care team. He was a little sleepy having two appointments, long day.

Ok, this is hard to watch. We returned the hospital bed and the bedside potty. My dad had a first floor set up. Ever since he returned home, he tried his best to get his furniture out of storage.

Back to Baltimore, follow up at Kennedy Krieger. His feet was almost finished closing, so it was still too soon to start therapy there.


And I finally found someone to detail the van. With all the dirt, salt and everything else that hid the shine washed off…it looked like a totally new van.